Personlig shopping

Are you interested in fashion and like the idea of shopping but hate crowded department stores, or do you suffer from fitting room phobia? Is your wardrobe full of clothes but you haven’t got anything to wear? Don’t you have the time nor the patience to run around designer boutiques looking for the perfect outfit for next weekend’s big party? Do you like the latest trends but don’t want to look like a teenager, or are you ladylike and prefer a classic look but don’t want to look like a granny? Has your body shape changed but not your interest for well fitted clothes? Don’t you even know where to start?

Turn to Gingerstyle for help! Whether you are in need of a wardrobe make over or just a new seasonal up date, Gingerstyle will help you find the right clothes for you, depending on your purpose, lifestyle, budget and time. I will find you the missing key pieces or the little extras to update your wardrobe and give you advice on how to pic and wear clothes and accessories to make you looking amazing every day. Through the personal shopping services with Gingerstyle in Stockholm you will be provided with honest and personal style advice according to your personal features and preferences. Gingerstyle will help you find your own sense of style, to look smart, be noticed and to make a confident impression with your outfit.

The personal shopping service is combined with personal style guidance and will be tailor made for you and your personal qualities and demands. The service is only available to customers in Sweden. Drop me a line on [email protected] with your style inquiries.

Gingerstyle also provides personal shopping services to individuals abroad who would like to purchase special fashion must-haves from a Swedish company not supporting international shipping. Send me an email with your special wishes and I’ll make sure to get it for you, through the Gingerstyle personal shopping and shipping services. I will charge you a fee depending on amount of items and shipping cost.

Don’t miss out! Send me an email straight away for more information and prices: [email protected]