Mona Varfan – a new designer and brand

On my latest shopping day on Söder I found something new and interesting, hanging from a rack at the Casbah in Skrapan.

Since I am a frequent Casbah customer and the style of the clothes and the detailing seamed new to me, I had to take a closer look. One of the dresse screamed my name and I instantly fell for it and just had to try it on! The label said Mona Varfan, a name I hadn’t heard of before. When I asked the friendly sales woman she explained that Mona Varfan had designed her first collection in a limited edition sold only through the Casbah.

Ginger in Wave Dress by Mona Varfan

I liked the dress even better when I tried it on and had to find out more about Mona Varfan. I did and here’s a short interview about the designer Mona Varfan.

Mona Varfan

Who is Mona Varfan?

I’m 28 years old, born in Iran and raised in Finland. I now live with my husband in Stockholm since 6 years. I’ve always had a passion for fashion and design and I will always be interested in design and continue to make my own clothes.

Tell me where it all begun and how your clothes ended up at the Casbah.

I grew up in an environment where I was surrounded by fabrics since my mother was a seamstress. When I was a little girl I always played with the different fabrics and clothes of my mother ans I wanted her to make me clothes to my Barbie dolls. Later on I started to design them myself and learnt how to sew and made my own clothes. Friends of mine and their friends started to ask me to custom sew garments and people wanted to order and buy my clothes. I recently got the opportunity to show my clothes at the Casbah and they instantly wanted to have on display in the boutique and that’s how it all started to get more serious to me and to design clothes became moore than just a hobby.

What are your thoughts on clothes and design in general?

I believe clothes should have something interesting about them but without taking to much focus from the person wearing them. I love to find a balance between the garment and the potential customer when I design and keep it simple but special – there’s a thin line between interesting and just “weird”.

Do you have a favourite designer or brand?

I like the style of Dsquared. Their design is cool and the clothes are made for strong women with style. They show that a woman is able to be both feminine and edgy. Other brands I like are Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair and Acne.

Describe you’r on thoughts on fashion and your style with a few words.

I like to mix elegant with casual but my style and what I wear is depending on what mood I’m in and where I’m going. I like my outfit to have somethingto special to it to make me stand out from the crowd without exagerration. Just like my design philosophy I like the clothes to stand out without taking all the focus from the person who wears them.

The Mona Varfan collection is found on the Mona Varfan website. For retailers contact Mona Varfan through the website or check out the Mona Varfan Designs facebookpage.

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