Elin Kling for H&M

Elin Kling for H&M, pictures: hm.com, photographer: Peter Gherke

Two years ago she wrote it herself as a joke in a post on her blog. Today it’s no joke. Elin Kling – one of Sweden’s biggest fashion-profiles – is the first fashion blogger to launch a collection in collaboration with H&M. A press release announces the following:
“The collection consists of nine fashion pieces and two accessories, and is a modern, light and minimalistic collection with bohemian influences. The saying ‘less is more’ gets an important meaning. The result is a strong and clear collection, where silhouette and materials are more important than decoration. The details are well considered and discrete, such as the un-even hem on the washed leather-jacket, the hidden chain at the neckline on one of the dresses, and the raw edge on the wide pants. The balance between the hard, tough and sculptural, and the soft, draped and feminine suits both H&M and Elin perfectly.
- To be the first one to make this kind of collaboration with H&M feels incredibly flattering and fun. It has been very inspiring to be able to work so closely with the design team at H&M, and I’m incredibly happy with the results. The collection is minimalistic and raw, but with bohemian elements, something that reflects my personal style well, says Elin Kling.”

Gingerstyle favourites from Elin Kling for H&M

The collection with Elin Kling will only launch in Sweden on the 3rd of February. The Gingerstyle shopping and shipping services are here for you!

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